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Yoga / Spiritual Development and Support Mentorship Program With KRISTIN TONE & AMBER HAYES

This  12 week mentorship program is designed for yoga teachers and students looking for individualized and practical guidance, support, and inspiration on their yoga/life journey.  It is for those who teach and those who practice as a means of deepening their own self-knowledge and spiritual understanding in order to become more loving, compassionate and peaceful people in the world.

Walking and living our spiritual teachings is more than difficult in today's world.  We find ourselves facing situations and choices that seem completely counter to what we have ben devoting ourselves to as yoga practitioners and teachers.  And yet we have little support as we traverse this new territory.

The very obstacles and situations that can feel so unsettling as teachers, parents, employees, friends, etc. are the places that when held in compassion, love, support and truth have the ability to transform us, our teaching and the world.  But we need support and space to allow for this expansion.  We need time to explore all that comes up as spiritual people in the world. We need space to be clear about our intentions and our message and our path. 

In this Mentorship Program, we will work together to clarify and fortify our inner and outer "voice," discover and define our mission/passion/message as students and as teachers, and demonstrate how supported vulnerability and truth free us to become people who are not just speaking beautiful sentiments, but are learning to humbly embody compassion, forgiveness, love, unity and peace as well as bringing our own unique message to the world. 


What is included in this 12 week program: 

> One group workshop per month: Sundays, April 7th, May 5th, and June 2nd from 4:00 - 7:00 PM

> 2 individual meetings with assigned mentor per month

> Homework and reading assignments between meetings

> Free classes with mentor at Groove Yoga 

> Individual needs will be addressed and could include assisting, additional meetings, email correspondence and/or personalized reading material, podcasts, articles.

> Yoga teachers may be eligible for 30 hrs continuing educations through Yoga Alliance

COST: $825 - can be paid in monthly installments of $275