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Groove yoga

Get your heart pumping with our unique blend of flowing vinyasa yoga while groovin’ to the rhythm of your breath and sweet beats aimed to enhance your experience… all in our comfortably heated Groove Studio (86 degrees).

Power groove

Power Groove is a Groove practice wrapped up in 45min. With a unique sequence and a consistent flow you won't miss a minute.

rejuvenating groove

Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit with an hour of restorative yoga taught at a slower pace than our signature Groove classes.  This class will incorporate breath work, meditation and a focus on well defined alignment. Let everything slow down so you can return completely restored.  This pace is a perfect retreat in the middle of your day or a solid compliment to our more rigorous flow classes


Shed some light with us in this vin/yin styled class beginning with 30 min vinyasa followed by 30 min of a gentler yin style. This is a practice gentle enough for beginners, yet beneficial to all levels, and although this class may rock to a slightly mellower beat, we guarantee you'll be on an enlightened path to taking your practice to the next level.

get in the groove

In this class we will break down the foundation and alignment of a vinyasa practice.  Great for beginners and those wishing to deepen their practice.  This is the best class to take if it is your first class at Groove. Get your first class at Groove free when you take the Get in the Groove class!

Inner Groove (no music)

This class is a led Ashtanga Primary Series with meditation. No previous experience with Ashtanga Primary Series is required, although a somewhat consistent physical yoga practice (asana) of any kind is recommended. 

What is Ashtanga Primary Series?  Also called Yoga Chikitsa which is translated as Yoga Therapy because Ashtanga Primary Series is a series of 41 postures meant to detoxify and realign the body. This series is the foundation of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga through which a student learns proficiency of Breath, Bandha and Dristhi. This, in turn, teaches concentration, calm, equanimity, and patience and offers “the rare experience to witness your self and eventually your Self.” 

Groove 2.0

At 1.5 hours, this is a longer and more full bodied version of everything you would find in our Groove classes with more emphasis on peak pose break down.

 o2 Groove

A special class that meets the first Sunday of every month.  This is a 75 minute, all-levels class designed around the air we breathe and being grounded in the breath. After a short meditation, the class will be devoted to a breath-based vinyasa flow accompanied by your favorite tunes. We’ll wind down the last part of class with 8 to 10 minutes of intense breathwork, or pranayama, on the mat and finish in a blissful savasana. Great for anyone interested in easing into meditation, breathwork, or those who want to specifically work on coordinating their breath with every pose - whether it’s just the beginning or taking it to a more consistent level!

Private groove classes

Bring a deeper understanding and alignment to your practice with our private Groove classes. Sessions start at $90 for one student/couple. Group and package rates are also available by request. Please email us for more details and to make a reservation with one of our instructors.